secret obsession movie 2019 Hindi dubbed download

By | August 1, 2019

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Full Name | secret obsession movie 2019 Hindi dubbed download 720p
Director: Peter Sullivan
Starring: Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, Dennis Haysbert, Ashley Scott
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Released on: 18 Jul 2019
Writer: Peter Sullivan, Kraig Wenman
IMDB Rating: N/A/10 (N/A Votes)
Duration: 97 min

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secret obsession movie 2019 Hindi dubbed download

secret obsession storyline

On a rainy night, a woman (singing) landed on the road with an unknown pursuer. She was hit by a car, leaving her injured and unconscious. She goes to the hospital with short-term memory loss, does not remember anything about the incident or her previous life. A man next to her bedside (Vogel) introduces herself to her husband Russell Williams and says that her name is Jennifer. To help him restore memories, he showed pictures of his life, saying that his parents had died in the fire two years earlier, that he had quit his job, and that he was rarely friends. Let’s talk

Detective Frank Page (Herbert) was obsessed with his job after failing to find his daughter’s kidnapper and investigates Jennifer’s accident, which raises Russell’s suspicion Jennifer was targeted where she was seen nearby. After Jennifer finishes, Russell takes her to her secluded home. Jennifer suffers a brief glimpse of memories from the rainy night of her accident. She gets upset with Russell’s strange behavior and realizes that he is locking her in the house at night. She also notices that most of her house pictures are manipulated. Frank’s investigation led him to Jennifer’s parents’ home, where he found the decomposed bodies. He learns from Jennifer’s former employer that “Russell” is actually a man named Ryan Garrity, a temperament worker who was fired two months ago.

secret obsession 2019 movie

When Ryan is out, Jennifer finds her identity in her wallet, which she uses to unlock her computer. She found photos of her real husband Russell (Boko) and realized the danger that they were in themselves. Before escaping, Ryan knocked her unconscious and tied her to the bed when he went to pick up her luggage. When he returns, Russell’s original body was found in the trunk of his car.

Frank arrives at his house and tries to rescue Jennifer, but Ryan knocks him over and locks him in the freezer. He offers Jennifer that he loved her for years, but her abuse and lack of marriage with magazines has angered her. Jennifer escapes into the jungle, chasing Ryan. Frank dealt with it before he could shoot it, and Jennifer took the gun and killed Ryan.

Three months later, Frank gave Jennifer a note from her late husband that she had received during the investigation. As she was driving, departing for San Jose, Russell’s voice said in a note telling how much he loved her.

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secret obsession movie 2019 Hindi dubbed download

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