point blank 2019 full movie Hindi dubbed watch online

By | August 2, 2019

Movie Info

Full Name| point blank 2019 full movie Hindi dubbed watch online
Genre | Action, Thriller
language| Hindi, Dual Audio, English
Director| Joe Lynch
Starring: Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, Marcia Gay Harden, Christian Cooke
Released on: 12 Jul 2019
Writer: Fred CavayƩ (characters), Adam G. Simon (screenplay)
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (152 Votes)
Duration: 86 min

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point blank 2019 full movie Hindi dubbed watch online

point-blank 2019 Story

Abe Guevara is trapped in a shooting at a residential home that resulted in the death of the district attorney, Joshua Gregory. He was chased by foot and tried to escape with his brother Mateo, but Abe was hit by a car and was later taken to a local hospital. A pair of detectives who killed Regina Lewis and Masterson have been assigned to the case.


Polar Booker, an ER nurse, has been assigned to oversee the rehabilitation of the hospital. Matteo, determined to break into debt to pay off debt with an influential gangster Big D, kidnaps Paul’s pregnant wife, Taryn, and forces Paul to work for her. Paul broke the abbey on his stretcher, and soon after arriving, Lewis and Masterson escaped. Abe has revealed that he owns a flash drive, which can expose a number of corrupt police officers. When Gregory was dealt a flash drive split, he was ambushed, and Abe was mistakenly blamed for his death. Abe manages to meet Mito at a bus station, but realizing that this is a sting operation, he fires and escapes in pursuit of the car. After fighting with more policemen in the car wash, he escaped on foot.


In search of a new car, they consult a local gangster cheetah. Louis and Masterson arrive and hold them all at gunpoint. Masterson realizes that Lewis is one of the corrupt policemen on the drive, killing both Masterson and Cheetah. Paul killed his partner Jones when she was hit by an oncoming attack. Abe lives with Mateo, but he is also ambushed by a Lewis man for a drive, who kidnapped Taryn. Abe and Paul arrive at the fair, only to find Mathew dead and injured. He died without being healed of wounds. Lewis threatened the two and revealed that he had held Taryn hostage.

After taking security footage in his possession that depicts Lewis with his corrupt practices, Abe finalizes a deal with Big D and pays off his debt. To accommodate both the Big De Pool and the Abe, they are setting stages of distraction beyond the limits of the police, but can also get footage of the film they have produced. Disguised as first responders and police officers, Paul and Abe defy Lewis and rescue Taryn, who falls into labor and gives birth to his baby. As a result, Lewis was killed by police reinforcements when the abbey revealed corruption.

A year later, Paul and Tyrone celebrate their baby boy’s first birthday, which he named Mattie in honor of Mathew. Abe smiled as he looked at the cake image of Mattie’s first birthday and sank into the sunset, a black SUV teased.

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point blank 2019 full movie Hindi dubbed watch online


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