fast & furious presents Hobbs & Shaw full movie in Hindi download

By | August 3, 2019

Movie Info

Full Name | fast & furious presents Hobbs & Shaw full movie in Hindi download
Genre | Action, Adventure
language | Hindi, Dual Audio, English
Director | David Leitch
Starring | Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Vanessa Kirby
Released on | 02 Aug 2019
Writer | Chris Morgan (story by), Chris Morgan (screenplay by), Gary Scott Thompson (based on characters created by), Drew Pearce (screenplay by)
IMDB Rating | 7.2/10 (12,135 Votes)
Duration | 135 min

fast & furious presents Hobbs & Shaw poster

fast & furious presents Hobbs & Shaw full movie in Hindi download

fast & furious presents Hobbs & Shaw Storyline

A staff of MI6 agents tries to recover from a virus called Snowflake, which can be programmed to eliminate millions from the terrorist organization Eaton. Braxton Lore, an Atten operative working with modern cybernetic implants that allows him to perform exceptionally well, arrives and kills all agents except Hattie Shaw, their leader. Infuse yourself as a career and escape. Braxton frames Haiti as a traitor who killed his team and stole a snowflake, forcing him to flee.

Haiti’s brothers, Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, have both been exposed to the missing virus and have been tasked with reluctantly to detect it. Deckard leaves and goes to Haiti’s house, while Hobbes manages to find Haiti. After a brief brawl, he brought her to the CIA office, as Deckard returned. The office was attacked and Haiti was taken over by Braxton, whom Deckard recognizes as an old companion who had previously been resurrected by Eton. Hobbes and Deckard chased and rescued Haiti, chasing the oncoming car, and they managed to escape from Braxton, who fell off his motorcycle and collided with another double-decker bus.

The trio discovers Snowflake’s creator, Professor Andreasko, who informs them that in order to prevent Snowflake from destroying humanity, Haiti has to either kill or use an evacuation device from an Eaton factory in Ukraine. Is located inside. After armed himself in Moscow, the three infiltrated the factory, where they manage to retrieve the evacuation device before escaping and destroying the facility. Andrew is dead and the device is badly damaged during his escape. Hobbs decided that he would take the three to his childhood home in Samoa to meet his detained brother, Joanna, to repair the device, and less so before he could compete with Braxton again.

Hobbes has a tense dispute with his family, but Yunus is persuaded to help him through his mother. Hobbes, his family, and Shaz prepare for the arrival of Eaton’s army. The device has been successfully repaired by Jonah and the excavation of Snowflake from Haiti has begun. The next morning, Braxton and his army fought with Hobbes’ family and Shaz. Braxton takes Haiti again, forcing Hobbes, Deckard and their allies to bring down their helicopter. Snowflake’s expulsion from Haiti is complete, while Hobbes and Deckard work together to defeat Braxton, which Eton’s head has eliminated from afar. The group celebrated their victory on the island.

In a series of mid- and post-credits scenes, Hobbs brings his daughter to Samoa to visit his extended family. Deckard and Haiti are forced to put their mother out of jail. And Hobbes received a phone call from his colleague Loki, who withdrew another attack to retrieve Snowflake.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw – Official Trailer

fast & furious presents Hobbs & Shaw full movie in Hindi download


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